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What can Regulatory Analysts and Business Strategists do for you and your bottom line?

The short and simple answer is that Federal, State, and Local Regulators, that include everyone from the IRS, to the EPA, to your local business licensing agency, are all writing regulations that take money out of your pocket as a business owner. Regulatory and Business Analysts find ways for you to stay within the rules, while keeping more of your money.
Have you ever felt like Big Business was playing by a different set of rules than you?

Guess what, they are. Lets take tax regulations for example. You've probably seen stories about VERY wealthy individuals, like Presidential Candidate Romney, and large corporations like GE and Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway, legally paying little or no taxes, and they are not doing it by simply pre-paying some bills, and pushing out some accounts receivable at the end of the tax year.  Nearly every Federal, State, and Local regulation, including the tax code, has exclusions, exemptions, and deductions, commonly known as legal loopholes, that are written into them in such a way that it takes the specialized expertise of firms like ours to find, and navigate through them.

What happens is that lobbyist and special interest groups representing large industries spend billions of dollars to get a chance to write in 'loopholes' into nearly every pile of regulations, ranging from the EPA, to Taxes, to Obamacare. These so called 'loopholes' are incredibly difficult to find, as they are typically one sentence written into a 500 page law, that then refers to another sentence buried in another 200 page law, that then refers to another sub-paragraph in...well, you get he point...
Its an imperfect system, but its what we have to work with. The reason its built like that is that politicians want to be seen as working for the middle and lower income classes, while not being overly generous to Corporate America. So they write a regulation that seems to tax the rich and give to the poor, but that really has loads of exemptions and exclusions, (loopholes) written so archaically into the fine print that neither the media, nor the average Joe, can find or understand them. 
Most regulatory 'loopholes' are so complex that even your typical local CPA does not bother trying to properly wade through them. Instead, they focus on Tax Preparation and Audit Accounting in their practice. Only a small percentage of the best CPA's spend time understanding how to guide their clients through things like Tax and Obamacare business strategies that reduce costs significantly more than 'Filing Strategies', and the few CPA's that do have such a competitive advantage over their competition that they usually do not take new clients, and command top tear pricing. This means that most businesses with less than 500 employees never get a chance to play by the same rules as Big Business. Typically, big business knows about the loopholes, because they had a hand in writing them, or because they spend millions of dollars a year on firms like the Big FOUR; Deloitte, PWC, Ernst & Young, or KPMG, to be their Regulatory Analysts and advisers. 
This is why the US has one of the highest "listed" corporate tax rates in the developed world, but it also has one of the lowest "effective" corporate tax rates in the western world, and why you hear news stories about Warren Buffet (one of the richest men in the world) saying that his secretary pays more in taxes than he does.
The result is that small and mid-sized business owners, the ones who have worked hard to build a good living for themselves, but have not become wealthy enough to pay millions of dollars a year to the BIG FOUR, end up taking the brunt of the cost of the various regulatory bodies. But they don't have to, because while big business may play by separate rules than you do, you are allowed to play by the same rules as them. Our firm was formed to help small and mid-sized companies navigate through the hundreds of thousands of pages of regulations produced for everything from Taxes to Obamacare. We can help you play by the same rules, with the same benefits as big business. 


Why pay an "effective" tax rate of 33-44% (State, Local, and Federal) when you are allowed to pay 14-27% if you understand the legal loopholes, that were written specifically for you to use.
Why get hammered by hundreds of thousands of dollars in Obamacare insurance employer requirements, when there are loopholes written into the employer regulations specifically to be found and used?
Why get hammered by many industry specific regulations, that have many legal loopholes, written specifically for you to use?
The rules for big business are different, our team of regulatory analysts can show you how use those rules to save tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in your company, and you will be in the company of all of the most respected companies in the world, like Microsoft, Berkshire Hathaway, GE, P & G, and thousands of other...
Give us a call to review your options, we promise we'll save you way more than you spend, and a call to see what's available to you is FREE!


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